Top 10 Hikes In Italy

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The weather is definitely one of the things that you will most enjoy when you visit Italy (especially during the summer). This makes all of the top hikes in Italy places that you definitely need to experience all year around, and not only in the summer.

However, let's face it - you most likely already have way too many reasons for wanting to visit Italy (of course there never can really be "too many reasons" to visit such a beautiful country).

At we do feel that we keep finding new reasons to want to go back to Italy, sometimes to revisit places that we have been to several times!

For example, one summer you would really love to spend one month in Florence. You will probably need to have an entirely new wardrobe by the time your month is over ……(last time all we did was eat there, but we were willing to pay the price!)

Sella-Herbetet Traverse

This long-distance strenuous hike spans over a 20.5-km trail that both starts and ends in Valnontey (that is close to the part of Italy that meets with Switzerland and France for those who do not know that).

On this hike, you'll be walking by numerous beautiful and pristine lakes. However, the most special experience is climbing into the very centre of the 4061 meters tall Gran Paradiso. It is the perfect spot for getting some well-deserved rest while enjoying the spectacular views all around you (yes, it's a real hardship but if you have your camera with you, this is the perfect time to start using it).

If you are a wildlife lover, then you definitely will not be disappointed by this hike! There are numerous ibex dotting the path that typically are not all that concerned by the fact that humans are present.

You can also find marmots sunning on rocks, although if you don't happen to see any, you definitely will hear them - they frequently can hear chirping away to each other (Just in case you have been wondering what the sound was that you keep hearing while hiking here.)

Corno Grande

The Big Horn, or Corno Grande, at 2,192 meters tall, is the tallest mountain peak that is part of the Appenine mountain range.  Two different paths are available for hiking, depending on how much you want to be challenged. The normal route is perfect for those searching for a trail that is moderately difficult, with the direct route being much more challenging.

At Corno Grande's peak, you can not only enjoy a panoramic look of the Adriatic Sea, as well as a stunning view of Europe's southernmost glacier (this is why this is one of Italy's best hikes). This trail is dotted with local wildlife, including eagles, seabirds, cattle, and chamois, so make sure to watch for them along the trail!

Cinque Terre (Sentiero Azzurro)

Sentiero Azzurro, in English, means "blue trail" and why it is called that becomes obvious just as soon as catch a glimpse of the Ligurian Sea's clear blue water which you can see for the entire hike.

This is an incredibly beautiful hike, which leads through five quaint towns (with "Cinque Terre" translating into "5 Lands") that are located here. The villages are perched dramatically on cliffs that overlook the water, and their impressive multi-coloured vista is a stunning sight to see.

Make sure you stop in to visit the villages to get a taste of some of the more delicious and freshest local seafood that you can find in this area. One place in Manarola that you definitely will want to visit is Nessun Dorma, preferably during the early evening.

The impressive wine and food selection here is nearly overshadowed by the stunning sunset views that you can see directly from your table - which makes it one of the best and more balanced hikes in the country.

Tre Cime di Lavaredo

For anyone wanting to explore the Dolomites and is looking for a moderately easy hike rather than one of the more demanding routes, this is the perfect hike, since you can still enjoy the stunning views here.

This is the perfect day hike, where you ascend up to a view that offers stunning views of Tre Cime, which is a name that refers to the three mountain peaks here.

Mount Vesuvius

This is a great chance to explore one of Italy's most infamous volcanoes - one that destroyed a whole city in the past. Mount Vesuvius erupted violently in 79 AD, which buried Pompeii in a pile of lava and volcanic ash.

This is also an easy and short hike. Most people can easily make it to the very top in around half an hour. The summit of this hike is understandably the highlight of this jaunt, as you can experience a very first-hand view of this volcano that caused such great destruction in the past.

After hiking the volcano, you will, of course, want to visit the Pompeii ruins (Just a heads up - these queues can be very long during certain parts of the day).  You see a glimpse of tragedy in Pompeii that has been frozen in time, with ancient Roman buildings as well as casts of some of the tragedy's petrified victims.

Mount Redentore Trail

You will have the chance to view wildlife here, such as seabirds, sheep, cattle, ibex and all kinds of animals, but the main draw on this hike is all of the stunning views along the trail.

You will encounter small farmhouses, ruins, and churches set against a spectacular background. Its summit is a great place for stopping to have a picnic and give your feet a rest before starting the descent. One important thing to note is that this hike does not have very much shade that is available, so it is very important that you try leaving early and wear plenty of sunscreen while you are on this hike.

Sentiero degli Dei

This trail's name translates in English to the “Path of the Gods." It is one of the most beautiful and definitely one of the best hikes in all of Italy! This is a fairly easy walk that spans approximately 8 km along the Amalfi Coast, where you will also see many incredible views of the island of Capri and the Mediterranean Sea.

This hike ends in the historic fishing village of Praiano. Treat yourself to having a delicious meal at Da Armandino. The popular restaurant doesn't even have menus - you just are given an offering of their daily specials of all of the freshest shellfish and fish available from the local area.

Alta Via

This might be the most gorgeous hike in the whole Dolomite regions and one of the top hikes in Italy. You start at Braies Lake, the Dolomites' largest natural lake (it is incredibly stunning here - and definitely worth the visit).

From there, you take a 150-km trail that leads you through beautiful and stunning landscapes, which include some very impressive glacial cliffs, along with rugged mountain peaks.

This hike ends in Belluno, a village where Palazzo dei Rettori is located, which is an impressive display of 15th-century architecture. Once you are finished with your hike, explore the Palazzo and other village sights before completing your day at Al Borgo for dinner, which is one of North Italy's best restaurants.

Hiking in this area may be a bit more difficult (after all you have to hike up mountains), but it is definitely one of the best hikes in all of Italy that we have been on to date.


This is definitely one of Italy's best hikes and is a very unique experience compared to so many of the others. On the hike, you will get the chance to ascend to Stromboli's summit, which is the only permanently active volcano in all of Europe!

Located on Sicily's Aeolia Islands, this is a moderately challenging hike that round trip takes about five or six hours to finish.

The real gem of the hike is reaching the summit since you then are able to literally look inside of an active volcano's crater! It is very important to note that the area can be affected by the shifting thermal conditions, so make sure that you check for any possible trail closure before leaving.

The Green Way

The 10.5 k hike is among the most stunning trails to get a beautiful view of Lake Como. This trail can be picked up from multiple locations along the shoreline, which allows you to either go on a shorter trek or hike the entire length.

You will get the chance along the way to check out some famous villas situated on the shore of the lake, including Donatella Versace and George Clooney. Lake Como itself is the real gem on this hike, with plenty of opportunities to enjoy a fun, and relaxed holiday in Italy.

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