Review Of XPETI Thermator Waterproof Boots

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Quick Overview





  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Offers great protection


  • Sizing is odd

Hiking boots are important while putting together a comprehensive list of items to buy. One of the brands that has been making waves in the hiking industry would be XPETI and it's time to look at the XPETI Thermator Men’s Waterproof Boots.

Are these boots worth buying? Do they have the build quality needed out in wetter, colder climates?

This review is going to take a look at all of these details before coming up with a final verdict.

Key Features

  • Waterproof Build
  • Moulded TPU Ankle Support
  • Cushioned EVA Midsole
  • Rubber Toe Cap Protection and Rubber Outsole


1) Lightweight

Let's begin with the build quality as it is remarkably light. The boots come in at a reasonable weight, which is ideal for hikers. No one wants to lug heavy boots up a hiking trail, but it can happen with the wrong brand! In this case, the company has made sure to design boots that are made for the purpose of hiking.

Along with being lightweight, they are also wonderfully structured to handle the contours of a hiker's foot.

2) Cosy and Sturdy

Are you particular about going with hiking boots that are comfortable from the inside? With a unique insulating material designed to handle colder weather, this is as comfortable as it gets. Even as the temperature drops, your feet are going to be in good shape.

In addition to the cosy interior, these boots are also sturdy making sure your ankles don't roll.

3) Great Protection

Hiking is always full of surprises and that is never going to change. Look into getting these boots because they are remarkably protective in harsh conditions.

Whether it is raining, snowing, or hailing, these boots are going to handle it all in stride.

4) Durable

Do you want hiking boots that are going to last for a long time and will be your partner for many trips out to state parks and various local trails? If so, these boots are a major hit.

They are tremendously durable and will bring a smile to your face!


1) Might Require A Bigger Size

Focus on the size that you end up getting. Some customers state it is best to go ahead and buy a half size bigger than what you would commonly get. This will make sure the feet are allowed to a breathe a little as soon as you put on the boots. Remember, it is important to let the feet breathe during a long hike up winding trails.

Final Thoughts

The XPETI Thermator Men’s Waterproof Boots are truly incredible. They are easy to put on, long-lasting, and provide a well-rounded solution as you head outdoors. A lot of people regret making the wrong purchase but this is not one of them. It is an all-encompassing option that has been made with a tremendous amount of care. Whether it is the innovative EVA midsole or the unique rubber toe cap, the boots simply work wonderfully well.

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