History Of Hiking Boots

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The ultramodern selection of hiking boots commonly seen in stores is a symbol of innovation, progress, and creativity.

There was a time when hiking boots didn't look the way they do now nor did they function in the same manner. Over time, these boots have become a specific niche with its own demands.

Here's a deeper look into the historical development of hiking boots.

Charles Danner

It was in the early-1930s when a man named Charles Danner started working on a new pair of boots. He had a premise in mind when it came to the logistics of this boot and how it would work once put on. As time went along, he continued to put in considerable effort to design something that was not only wearable but built to last.

This is when he came out with the "Danner boot," which was named after himself.

The reason Danner was able to make these boots at a reduced cost had to do with the ongoing Great Depression. The market had plummeted, which meant people were losing money and things weren't working out as well as they were in the earlier part of the century. Therefore, Danner found a soft spot in the market where materials were cheaper and he could put together a resolute design without breaking the bank. Eventually, he was able to create quality hiking boots and sell them for $4.

First Retail Store for Hiking Boots

Danner didn't stop there! He realized this was a promising market because decades of relevant experience had shown what people were willing to pay for a good pair of hiking boots. There were numerous scenarios where a person needed these boots and nothing else seemed to work. As a result, Danner was able to create a world-class retail store in the 1950s.

This was done to have a prime spot for top-tier hiking boots.

He was looking to corner the market when it came to hikers and presenting high-quality boots. Hikers liked his products and felt they were in line with what was required out on the rough terrain.

Waterproof Hiking Boots

Hiking boot companies grew rapidly and became a common topic among hikers. These companies were well-regarded as the ultimate stop for anyone looking to find top-rated hiking boots at an affordable price point. With this in mind, designers continued to work on the designs and wanted to ensure the newest additions were further along with regards to innovation.

This is when the "waterproof" tag came to light.

The businesses were able to create a fascinating set of benefits with the help of a waterproof material unique to these hiking boots. With hikers going through wet trails and having to deal with varying weather conditions, the waterproof boots took off. There was a real buzz around these boots because they did something other options were simply unable to provide.

Modern Technology

Over time, other brands have managed to find a spot in the industry and that's what made it such a successful niche. Various innovations have come around with an emphasis on understanding what the market needs. The technology has got to the point where hiking boots are completely waterproof, lightweight, and built to last.

The materials that are employed for these boots are robust ensuring they provide tremendous durability from day one.

Along with having some of the world's finest materials available to them, brands are also focusing on aesthetics. In the past, hiking boots were all about functionality and that was the only thing on their minds. While this may have been enough in the past, now hikers want something that goes along with their outfit.

This is where the biggest changes are being seen. Brands are focusing on the aesthetic qualities of their boots. The best options look sleek, easy to wear and offer a fascinating list of features that are in line with modern hiking requirements. Being outdoors is not only about walking around but also involves looking good at the same time.

This balance is what hiking boots are all about and why they have become a tremendous subset in the footwear industry.

Final Thoughts

The historical development of hiking boots has been nothing short of impressive. It's a robust niche that has managed to grow with each passing year since the early-1930s. There may have been a time when these boots didn't have a large market but that has long become a thing of the past.

Nowadays, most people are looking for specialized boots and that includes top of the line hiking boots. With the right pair of boots, a person is able to do more on the trail and walk around without slipping or having to deal with wet feet. This alone is why the hiking community loves its specialized solutions and only wears them outdoors.

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