Hiking Boots That Are Highly Recommended

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Men’s hiking boots

If you are looking to get some good cardio exercise, hiking is an exciting alternative to hitting the gym regularly. To get the most out of your hike, you need the right gear and the last thing you want is remain stuck in painful footwear. Besides, you do not want to end up with wet or cold feet after a light shower. The best men’s hiking boots are a crucial aspect of your performance as you are out hiking.

While there are numerous options, from heavy boots to lightweight hiking shoes, here are 2 top pics for the best men’s hiking boots.

I took it upon myself to do what could be the most comprehensive test on all of these shoes. For $85 I bought them for scout camp just before I took off. I have had boots that stung me twice the amount and didn’t do half the job. You need these shoes. It’s not just the price that makes them unbeatable but the quality is excellent and I would be happy to have paid $110-$120 for them.

The test, in a few words, included 89 different terrains and all 6 seasons. Literally, I put these shoes on at 7 am and didn’t take them off again until midnight for 4 days. I actually had them on my feet for more than 20 hours on two days and here are the results:

Do they classify as waterproof? Yes. Ofcourse, not on purpose I ended up dipping into mud and water up to my ankles without effect. When it started pouring down, I had a few problems as my pants got soaked so the water started to leak in from the top. However, you could hardly blame the shoe for that. What is more important is that I put some newspapers into them, allowed them to dry for two hours and on waking I had dry shoes once again!

Timberland Men’s Mt. Maddsen


 I purchased these to have a more casual winter boot and they have been perfect for the task – great for around town or heading out for a walk in the country but not a ‘real’ hiking boot to take on rougher terrains. I love how comfy they felt as soon as I put them on – there was no need to break them in. The sizing seems to be an area of disagreement; in my opinion, I thought they were a little on the large size, even with thick socks on, so actually went half a size lower than normal.

Women’s hiking boots

If you intend to go for a hiking expedition in the near future, the last thing you want is to purchase bulky, clunky hiking boots that will weigh you down. If you’re on the market for the Best Women´s hiking boots, you should not underestimate the power of a good pair of hiking boots. With the latest technology in support, traction, and comfort, here is an example of one top pic for the best women´s hiking boots which will be your first step to happier ankles, toes, heels, and arches. One of our readers in California sent us this recommendation.

My normal size is 5 and I went for a 5 1/2 and these were perfect. I’ve only had them on a few times for walking the dog but they look and feel good. The main difference compared to other hiking boots I have owned is that they feel lighter, less bulky. My old ones were meant to be excellent quality but they fell to pieces. However, since then I have learned that you need to allow hiking boots to dry out between wears or you end up with rotten waterproof membranes. With these ones, I plan to spray them regularly and give them more care. They have a feel of being of superior quality and like they will be durable for years.

Merrell Women’s Siren Edge Shoe


Children’s hiking boots 

Hiking is an activity that could fill your body with happiness in addition to keeping it healthy and in good shape. And if you’re looking to introduce your children to this activity, you need to ensure they are properly introduced and equipped with the best children´s hiking boots.

The best children’s hiking boots are a crucial aspect of their hiking gear and you must be sure to get shoes that serve them well. Hiking boots are not all designed the same and it can be difficult to choose the right product, with the thousands of them already available on the market. Here are some examples of recommended children’s hiking boots from our readers in Washington and Ohio.

Littleplum Kids Hiking Boots


My daughter has arthritis and struggles to find boots so I got these for her. She simply adores them! They are very light and comfy and provide ankle support which she needs, plus the price is significantly lower than other places. An excellent find! If your kid is happy, you are happy 😊

I have a 10-year-old who is a scout and was off for a two-night overnight trip that involved, hiking, sports, rain and cold weather so I got him these to replace a pair of Columbia boots he had adored. I liked the look of them and they seemed a bitheavy duty but still retained a sporty look. He actually wore them the whole weekend and said they were more comfortable than his Columbia ones!

Plus, recently we had a snowstorm and instead of wearing Kamik snow boots he decided to put these on. His feet were still nice and dry after an hour of snow play. I highly recommend these boots.

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