Best Winter Hiking Boots for Women in 2019

Best Winter Hiking Boots for Women
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When it comes to hiking, especially winter hiking, your boots are one of the most essential items in your equipment. Good boots can make your hiking experience enjoyable and unforgettable. However, the wrong choice of boots can make your hiking trip something from your worst nightmares.

There are many winter hiking boots available on the market, and the price range is also vast. However, we have reviewed the best winter hiking boots for women when it comes to winter hiking while including important factors such as endurance and comfortability in our review.

Best Winter Hiking Boots for Women Reviews

Zamberlan Women’s 996 Vioz GT Hiking Boots

Made by one of the best Italian footwear companies, these boots are one of the top boot options for winter hiking. They are durable, comfortable, and they look great. Although a little bit expensive, these boots are the best choice for winter hiking due to the warm materials they are made from.

These hiking boots are made of 100% Hydrobloc full-grain leather, which is perfect for long walks and adventures. The sole is made by Vibram, which is a famous Italian company that creates outsoles for footwear.

It should be mentioned that many hikers who own Zamberlan 996 were amazed by its flexible collar and loved its fantastic design. 

However, these hiking boots are mainly for hiking. Although they are comfortable for hiking, they might be a bit heavy for everyday use and might be too warm if it’s not very cold outside. Also, some hikers find the boot’s ventilation to be somewhat insufficient, and some even said that Zamberlan 996 hiking boots lack reliable debris connection.


  • check
    Very comfortable
  • check
    Ideal for heavy hiking
  • check
    Vibram sole
  • check
    Pretty nice design


  • Not for everyday use
  • Narrow toe box

KEEN Women’s Durand Polar Winter Boots

Made in the USA, these are very durable and comfortable women's boots with a rubber sole. Since they are made by KEEN, a top American footwear company founded in 2003, it already gives a sense of trust and guarantees that the product will serve its purpose rather well.

These boots are made of leather, synthetic, and faux fur. With the weight of 400g, they are not too heavy, keeping in mind that the boots come with pretty warm insulation against the winter coldness.

Most  hikers that own KEEN Durand Polar winter boots were amazed by its comfortable confines and by its grip on icy terrains. Also, there is a removable footbed that you can remove at any time, in case you wear thick or double soaks and need more space around the feet.

However, the laces are pretty short and the top lace holder might be of lower quality and might break if you apply too much force when you tie the boots. Also, the boots can feel a little “narrow” sometimes, depending on the shape of your feet.

You should note that the actual model is a bit smaller than standard hiking boots, so it’s recommended to buy at least a half size bigger than you usually wear.


  • check
    Excellent warm insulation
  • check
    Very comfortable for longer hikes
  • check
    Anti-slippery rubber sole
  • check
    Delivers quality shock absorption


  • Uncomfortable for some foot shapes
  • The laces are short

Manfen Hiking Boots for Winter

Another excellent boot for cold, winter hiking, at a very reasonable price while still offering high quality. The exciting thing is that these boots have a Hydroshield waterproof membrane on the upper part of the shoes, and warm insulation for up to minus 30-celsius degrees.

The boots come with a perfect traction rubber soil for the optimal grip and the technology that protects your feet. It’s pretty good for walking on rocks and provides excellent traction.

Since these boots are pretty light compared to other hiking boots for winter, they can be great for different occasions, too. For example, they are also suitable for fishing, outdoor camping, traveling, or even some urban leisure activities.

On the other hand, these boots might make a little pressure on the ankles, thus causing discomfort while wearing. Also, it was reported a few times that under heavy use, such as very long walks over rough terrain, it could happen that the boots suddenly stop being waterproof. It’s a pretty bad thing if you are out in the wilderness.


  • check
    Pretty good price
  • check
    Light, but long-lasting
  • check
    Comfortable and endurable
  • check
    Ideal for various occasions
  • check
    Molded TPU ankle support
  • check
    Very stylish and modern


  • Discomfort around ankles sometimes
  • Can stop being waterproof with heavy use

Columbia Newton Ridge Plus - Waterproof Hiking Boots

These are nice, full-leather boots with beautiful, contrasting color combinations and a very soft mesh on the exterior.

The boots feature Omni Grip advanced traction for various terrains, including cold mountains and frosty winter environments. With full-grain leather, mesh construction, and a very durable mesh tongue, these boots are endurable, and still completely waterproof.

It should be mentioned that many hikers were amazed by how light and comfortable these boots are, including the experts, who also found the Columbia Newton Ridge Plus to be pretty affordable.

On the other hand, this boot might not be good for terrains that are too harsh. Also, if the temperature is not extremely low, the shoes might get pretty hot on the inside. The boots might feel a bit uncomfortable in the beginning, but after some time, your feet will adapt.

Then, depending on the shape of your feet, the top might press you while you walk, thus causing discomfort. The boots don’t have perfect arch support, but according to the price, it’s pretty decent.

Also, some users were disappointed that the sole fell off after using it for a short amount of time. However, having the actual price in mind and all the good things these boots provide, they are definitely worth the money.


  • check
    Full leather construction
  • check
    Beautiful contrasting color combinations
  • check
    Optimal for harsh surfaces
  • check
    Good for various terrains


  • Requires time to adapt

Bugaboot Plus Omni-Heat Boots

Made of leather and textile, with a synthetic sole, this is another boot in the line of great boots for winter hiking, created by famous Columbia Sportswear in the USA.

These boots are perfect for cold winters up -35° Celsius and come with 200g of pretty warm insulation and an anti-slip rubber with excellent abrasion resistance. 

A combination of leather, nylon, webbing, and metal components makes these boots perfect for any winter any almost any environment.

On the other hand, the boots might have been a bit wider, for optimal comfort. Also, if you walk in slush and ice, the bottom of the shoes will grab at the ice as you walk, and you may feel a bit of discomfort while walking on dry pavement.

Most of the hikers that used these boots reported that traction is more than good, and much better than many similar boots, in the same price range. They state that Bugaboot Plus Omni-Heat boots are multi-purpose thus they can be used on hiking, walking, going to work on cold, winter days, and many more.

Some also reported that they had absolutely no kind of problems with the boots, after more than a year of constant use.


  • check
    Solid, endurable material
  • check
    Ideal for low temperatures
  • check
    Warm insulation is perfect
  • check
    Good abrasion resistance


  • A bit uncomfortable sometimes


All the boots that we reviewed are the top choices when it comes to long winter hiking in a cold environment. It would be best if you chose your favorite based on the various factors that we reviewed. 

For example, if you want hiking boots that are at the same time pretty modern, you should aim for Manfen hiking boots. They are cheap, and yet, long-lasting and endurable.

On the other hand, if having proper shock absorption is what you are aiming for, which is very important for long hiking on rough terrain, you should consider the KEEN Durand winter boots. 

Bugaboot Plus Omni-Heat boots are made of solid materials, and although they might not be extremely comfortable all the time, these boots will last for a pretty long period of time.

If you liked the Zamberlan hiking boots, but find them to be too expensive, there are a few good alternatives. The best are  perhaps the Hanagal hiking boots. There are various models, and all of them are relatively inexpensive, but offer a pretty decent quality and a nice, adventuristic look.

Also, to prevent numb and uncomfortable feeling of your feet, carefully check the shape of the boots that you want to buy, and the shape of your leg. Although the size might be appropriate, the shape is another vital thing when it comes to purchasing comfortable boots.

So, which of the boots that we reviewed are actually the best among all? The Manfen Hiking Boots have to be the winner in our book. Not only that they are pretty inexpensive, but they are also better than the other boots in different ways.

They are suitable for multiple occasions, from family camping to long and cold winter walks. They are made of excellent materials, with a great rubber sole, ankle support, and a high-traction grip. These boots are worth much more than they cost.

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