Best Hikes In Finland

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Best Hikes In Finland

Finland is a possible playground for almost any outdoor thrill seeker and it is home to roughly 170+ spots that locals and tourists can hike. However, 5-6 of those are just pilgrim trails that are ready for exploration, 150+ of those are hiking trails and the remaining 13-14 are more suited for a long-distance hike. And if you love the outdoors like us, then we know how hard it is to choose just one. As such, our article features some of the best and most rewarding hikes in Finland.


Karhunkierros has been decleared as being one of the most famous routes for hiking, and it is located in the Oulanka National Park. And while its name has been translated to Bear's Circle, we can assure you that you don't need to be afraid or even worried at the thought of finding an actual live bear on the trail; and even though bears do live within the forest, they tend to stay out of a hiker's sight for quite the obvious reasons. Hiking on this trail in particular facilitates not only tough, more than a day hikes, but it also allows shorter ones as well, so the option is totally up to you.

When it comes to hiking on this trail, both gives its fellow thrill seekers some of the best scenic views of Finland. However, another amazing feature of Karhunkierros is that it isn't in the smallest bit isolated. And this makes hikers feel a lot safer since they meet up with others along the way.

Pallas Hilltops

This location features a whopping 7 hill set for its visitors to enjoy and frolic in. And get this, all 7 are connected via lodges and numerous trails. So, when you finally get to the top be prepared to be blown away by breathtakingly beautiful sceneries and a breath of cool fresh air. And if you're travelling to Finland in autumn, you're in for an autumn surprise with varying shades of orange; and if you're travelling during winter, you're in for another treat, you'll be able to view the Northern Lights from any of the 7 peaks.

UKK – Urho Kekkonen National Park

This park in Lapland is indeed an astounding sight to behold, so if you're interested to be at one with nature in the pure wilderness, this is definitely the spot for you. Beside its natural beauty, Finland faced the cold war age for what seemed like a never ending 25-year long period; and it was their president, Urho Kekkonen who gave them hope each day by being the super hero of a politician that he was.

Pyhä Mountain Peak

If you're interested in trekking through miles of stone gorges that run through a mystical olden forest, this is definitely the trail for you. And you can bask in pure beauty that lasts all year round. When you finally get to the top, be ready to be blown away by a series of stunning views. And get this, if you're a brave one, you can also view the Northern Lights from the top during winter.

Lemmenjoki National Park

Lemmenjoki is known around the globe for being one of the most isolated and wild hikes that anyone of us has ever been on. For miles upon miles spanning the distance, only the vast wilderness can be seen, not even a road can be found in sight. If you're looking for isolation or simply a space for relaxing, thinking or anything else of the sort, Lemmenjoki is your go to. However, here and there you may see a gold digger or two as they comb through on of the richest rivers in all of Europe!


The national park of Kerlia contains relatively easy trails that take its hikers to cliffs covered by trees. However, if you make it to the summit of Ukko-Koli, you'll be at a whopping height of 347 meters. This stunning view might just inspire you the same way it did with countless Finnish artists.

Mount Halti

The road to Mount Halti has been classed as being among the most difficult hiking trails in the world. However, when you get to the top, you can proudly boast about taking on a mighty mountain; and you would have been at Finland's highest point. In addition, even though the mountains peak is said to be on Norwegian land, it is quite rare to even be a witness to this spectacular view.

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