Be Inspired : Places And Times To Hike In Spain

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There are many parts of Spain that casual tourists never get the chance to see, which is why you should go hiking. It will give you the chance to check out the lesser known regions of Spain. There is a lot of gorgeous scenery throughout Spain.

There are many great places to hike throughout the country. However, you don't have to go searching hard for them. With that said, below are our top 10 hikes you should do if you want to see cool things, exercise and expand your mind.

The Spanish Pyrenees

If you want to enjoy a bit of wildlife viewing, then head over to Pyrenees. These are located throughout Oredesa and Monte Perdido National Park, which is one of the oldest parks in the country. While there, you'll spot animals such as the bearded vulture, marmots and chamois to name a few. As you progress through the trails, you'll come across gorgeous meadows, cliffs and beech forests.

Do note that summer is the best time to go here. June, in particularly, is one of the best times of the year to visit this place. Also, book a tour guide, as this is will give you the best chance at spotting various wildlife.


Catalonia provides no shortage of walking trails, which offer an array of landscapes. If you go hiking in this region, you'll love spotting birds in the wetlands and checking out gorgeous beaches, as well as viewing scenery of the rugged coastline. Here's a tip, make sure to go to the Bay of Roses and Cap de Creus. Consider going to Catalonia anywhere from April to June or between the months of September and October.

Picos De Europa National Park 

Northern Spain is a lot more wild and woolly than you think. Various landscapes can be found there and the climate is quite mild. If you want to know exactly what we're talking about, then head over to Picos de Europa National Park. The place has it all, from valleys filled with forests to high mountains.


Those who absolutely love walking will enjoy these trails. You'll be taken through areas filled with sunflowers, as well as olive groves that will lead you to rustic villages and farms and limestone cliffs. Anytime of the year is a good time to go here, but the best time is between September and June.

Camino De Santiago

If you're looking to hike on a traditional pilgrimage trail, then look no further than this. If you want to take in amazing rural landscapes that will provide you with a challenging hike, then do so by hiking in this region. You'll love viewing the Galicia's landscape, as well as having the choice to stay in a comfy hotel or a hostel. Make sure to do this hike in the summer, as the weather conditions are ideal during that time of year.


A lot of people don't realize this, but this is an area where you'll come across citrus groves and almond groves. Not only that, but make sure you bring your camera because you'll want to snap photos of the castles that overlook the areas of Tarbena and Guadalest. You'll be treated to amazing views of the nearby Aitana and Sierra de Serrella mountains.


This is where you'll find pine forest trails, as well as a number of bays like the Cala De Tuent. Let's not forget to mention the lakes and valleys. If you like walking holidays, then Majorca is the place to be.

Visit The Picos De Europa 

Along the trails of the Picos De Europa is where you'll be able to fully immerse yourself into the language of Spain, as well as immerse yourself in its landscape. You'll come across many locals, which you should chat to. If you wish, book a walking tour with a Spanish speaking walking guide.

Yoga And Walking

If you want to do your body and mind a great deal of good, then do yoga. In fact, combine yoga and walking. There's really no better place to do both than Spain. This you can do in many areas of Spain, and no specific recommendation for parts of the country to do so, is needed

Cooking & Walking

Walk through the parks located throughout the Pyrenees, but do sample the tasty cheese, olive oil and honey. There are cooking workshops you can take too. If you want to experience something truly amazing, then book a spot at a workshop.

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