All About Hikers Top 10 Gear Picks

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With hiking becoming popular each year, many first-timers are confused as to what they really need to take when planning their hiking trip. There is a host of hiking gear on the market today. Hence, choosing the right gear isn't an easy task. You need to conduct a little bit of research before choosing the best gear for your hiking excursion. This article provides information on hikers top 10 gear picks.

Navigation Gear

Navigation is one of the most important aspects of hiking. Hence, the right navigation tools play an important role in hikers top 10 gear picks. Today, there are 5 essential tools for travelling in the backcountry such as a compass, map, GPS device, altimeter watch, and a personal locator beacon (PLB). A topographic map is essential when you are planning any hiking trip that involves anything more than a frequently visited trail.

A compass is an essential tool in case you become disoriented in the backcountry. Even though modern watches and smartphones include electronic compasses, it is wiser to carry a standard baseplate compass. This device doesn't rely on batteries and weighs next to nothing. The latest compasses consist of sighting mirrors that can be used to flash sunlight to a helicopter during an emergency.

A GPS device lets you accurately find your current location on a digital map. GPS devices designed for outdoor excursions and waterproof and have a rugged construction.

You may need to monitor the battery power of the device and possibly carry extra batteries in case of an emergency. An altimeter watch is another important navigation device you need to carry with you. It uses a barometer sensor to measure the air pressure and offer accurate data of your elevation. It will help you determine your location on the map.

The personal locator beacon (PLB) is important to alert emergency personnel in case you need assistance in the backcountry. This tool will determine your current position using GPS and send messages via commercial or governmental satellites during an emergency.

First Aid Kit

This is another essential item on the hikers top 10 gear picks. Buying the best First Aid kit on the market can be daunting at times. Should you opt for an individual or group kit? How much should you spend on such a kit? If you are looking for an affordable and basic kit for your first hiking trip, you can always opt for the Pocket First Aid Kit from Life Systems.

On the other hand, if you are an avid hiking enthusiast, you should opt for an advanced kit from Care Plus. Explore different First Aid kits on the market before you decide to buy the right fit for your hiking excursion.


You should carry some emergency shelter to protect you and your loved ones from the wind and rain in case you are injured or stranded on the trail. An ultralight tarp, and an emergency space blanket are some of the best for this purpose. The latest technology has helped revolutionize the emergency shelter products on the market.

The latest products are super strong, lightweight, and easy to get up. You should choose the right product from the many shelter products on the market today. Do your research before choosing the best product for your needs and budget.


You need reliable supplies to start a fire in case of an emergency. A disposable butane lighter is one of the best to start an emergency fire. On the other hand, waterproofed matches are also ideal for this purpose. The ideal fire starter will quickly ignite and sustain the heat for more than a few seconds. Make sure you pay close attention to supplies to start a fire when planning your next hiking trip.


Knives are important for First Aid, food preparation, and other emergency needs. Every adult in your group should carry a knife. The basic knife may have only one foldout blade while a more elaborate knife may have many foldout blades for different purposes. make sure that you choose the right product on the market to suit your needs and budget.

Sun Protection

Sunglasses, sun protection clothing, and sunscreen are important components of a successful hiking trip. Not carrying such items can result in sunburn and premature skin ageing over time. On the other hand, cataract and skin cancer can result in the long-term.


Finding your way through the wilderness is difficult during the nighttime. You need a good light source with you for this purpose. A heatmap is a preferred choice with most of the backcountry travelers. Make sure to carry extra batteries when taking a headlamp on the excursion.

Food and Water

Many first-time hikers take too much of food when hiking. This will take up more room and add weight to your daypack. If you plan to hike for one day, you can take some sandwiches, fruits, and a packet of crisps on the excursion. On the other hand, if you plan to stay a night or two, you should consider pre-packed camping food.

Mobile Phone

With new phones coming out, network coverage is expanding with each passing year. Today, a mobile phone can help to track your location when hiking. Hence, you should include a mobile phone in the hiking gear.


The latest technology has changed the hiking clothing industry. The three-layer structure is best for hiking purposes. The first layer is the base layer. The second one should be the merino base layer or a synthetic base layer in case you are allergic to wool. The third layer is a 100 or 200 weight fleece. Make sure you choose the best product on the market according to your budget.

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