10 Tips On Backpacks Buying Guide

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Backpacks are considered to be the best portable storage for outdoor enthusiasts. That is because they are easy to carry and easy to maintain.

However, shopping for such gear is not an easy task since there are so many brands available in the market today. Either you want a backpack for your weekend hiking plan or for going back to college, here are 10 tips to help choose a durable backpack.

Factors To Consider When Buying Backpacks


When it comes to choosing a backpack, the first thing that you need to consider is durability. But how can you tell whether a backpack is durable or not? by checking the type of material used to craft the product. If you want your backpack to serve you for a longer period, make sure that it is made of the following materials.

Leather – backpacks made of leather are stylish and are it expensive compared to standard backpacks. The reason why most people prefer backpacks made of leather is that they usually have a formal style, which makes them perfect for carrying at workplaces.

Polyester- polyester is also used to craft stylish backpacks. Moreover, this material is durable and affordable compared to backpacks made of leather.

Rip-Stop And Pack-Cloth Nylon- backpacks made of pack cloth nylon are easy to identify because they are very shiny. Besides being shiny, backpacks made of this particular material are also durable and easy to clean.


Besides being durable, you want a backpack that is not only easy to handle but also comfortable to carry. Most backpacks are designed with a back panel which is very comfortable. This makes it easy for one to carry and can walk for long distances without having to worry about the backpack sagging or losing its position.

Therefore, make sure that the backpacks you choose to buy have a comfortable panel and adjustable shoulder straps. Other features that promote comfortability on backpacks are hip, belts, and padded backs.


Backpacks are available in different sizes. This gives you the privilege of choosing a backpack that is perfect for your body size. Besides considering your body size when choosing a backpack, you can also determine which size you want for your backpack based on the what you plan to carry and the number of compartments you want your backpack to have.

Backpack Protection

Some backpacks have special features for protection such as waterproof material and padding. The advantage of having a backpack that is covered with a water-resistant material is that you can use it for outdoor adventure such as hiking and camping. That is because it can withstand harsh weather conditions and you do not have to worry about your content getting damaged.

Panel Accessibility

How also need to consider how your backpack opens and closes. Some backpacks have a top panel while others are designed with a side panel. Only a few brands specialize in designing backpacks that have both top and side panels. When choosing a backpack, make sure that it has a panel that is easy for you to access.


When traveling, you can use a backpack to store your most valuable items or accessories. Because of this reason, you need a backpack that has at least one of two safety features. Especially if you are one of those people who travel a lot. You might want to look for a backpack that has lockable zippers. This will help you relax when traveling knowing that your backpack is safe and secured.


Another important factor you might want to consider when choosing a backpack is the style. Backpacks are available in a variety of designs and color. This gives people an opportunity to find backpacks that are suitable for different occasions. Either you are going to the gym or heading out for adventure, you can be sure to find a backpack that has a style to match your theme.

Packing compartments

Besides buying a backpack that will fit everything that you need to carry, also need to make sure that the backpack you choose has multiple compartments and pockets for storing different items. A backpack that has multiple compartments is easy to organize since you do not have to mix all your belongings in one space. It also makes it easy for you to remember where you pack each item.


Once you have identified a backpack that will meet all your traveling needs, the next thing you need to do is find out how much it costs. There are various factors that contribute to the pricing of this particular product such as the size of the backpack, features it possesses and the type of material used to craft the backpack. Because of this reason, make sure that the backpack you choose is within your budget.

Furthermore, you can always get free quotes on the backpack you want from different dealers in order to get the best offer. All you have to do is compare the quotes from different shops and choose the one that has a reasonable pricing for the backpack you want.


Another important factor you need to consider when choosing a backpack is maintenance. Some backpack might be affordable, but difficult to maintain. Make sure that the backpack you choose to buy is easy to clean and handle so that it can serve you for a longer period.


Shopping for backpacks can be challenging and time-consuming especially if it is your first time to shop for such a product. However, with the help of these tips, you can be sure to find a quality backpack at an affordable price.

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