10 Reasons Why Hiking Is My Hobby

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Hiking is an exciting outdoor activity that is suited for any season of the year but is particularly fun during fall. This is when the colours become vivid and the temperatures reach the optimum levels and trekking up a mountain would be nothing short of phenomenal. During such times, hiking provides the perfect moments of spending afternoons. But beyond the utter beauty and the appreciation of nature that comes with setting off on a trail, hiking is also an activity that bursts with health benefits.

Hiking is best enjoyed in a team, where you and your friends can organize the excursion before heading out. This way, you get to share the beautiful moments and have fun together. Equipping yourself with the right supplies for a hike also helps have an easy and enjoyable as you take on the trail. Taking the necessary safety precautions is also advisable as it helps reduce the chances of injuries among hikers. What’s more, staying hydrated throughout the hiking session helps keep your energy levels significantly high all through.

Most people have made hiking a frequent recreational activity, and rightly so! Here are the reasons why hiking is my best friend:

Hiking Makes Me Happier

Apart from just passing time during those lazy and boring afternoons, hiking is also vital in bringing joy and happiness. In extension, staying happy is good for my health and general well-being. Think of hiking as an additional therapy, especially for individuals who suffer from depression. What’s more, hiking impacts on self-perception and self-esteem positively, therefore making me happier overall.

Enhances Creativity

Hiking involves exploring different areas, with different terrains and conditions. On several occasions during a hiking session, I encounter challenges that require me to apply my problem-solving skills. Research also shows that creativity levels go up by about 50% after a hike. Additionally, hiking helps me stay sharp and ready to overcome any challenges that come my way.

Hiking Helps Elevate All My Senses

Unlike on the streets where I am accustomed to walking like a soldier, hiking helps me exercise freedom, thereby setting my senses free. Hiking helps me keep all my senses alive and active: eyes surveying my surrounding, ears keeping track of any strange sounds, skin feeling the breeze, and the nose collecting any aroma in the woods. All of this helps me feel connected to Mother Nature even more.

Hiking Invites My Sense Of Adventure

Hiking is the perfect way for me to explore a new place. Rather than just hanging out in a joint, hiking gives me something to do as I explore a place I’ve never been to. It also helps me enjoy the moment by exploring the various topographical features of the area, such as hills, mountains, and rivers. Every minute of a hike feels like an adventure, and this helps me long for the next hike.

Hiking Helps Put Nature Into Perspective

Hiking helps me appreciate nature in the best way possible. Going up the mountains or hills, through the woods, and along the plains, hiking gives me a perfect chance to get in touch with nature. Often, it reminds me of how small I am and how vast the world is.

Hiking Improves My Health And Fitness Levels

Hiking involves long durations of walking and climbing, which helps stretch and exercise virtually every muscle of my body. During my first hike, I experienced muscle cramping but that changed over several hikes. After several hikes, my muscle strength increased and my levels of endurance went up significantly. What’s more, hiking is associated with reduced blood pressure, low-stress levels, and increased stamina.

Hiking Gives Me Space

The first thing that comes to mind when I want to escape the real world is hiking. Spending time strolling out in the woods gives me a sense of peace and helps me step out of my day-to-day life. Busy schedules and social media hullabaloo can be overwhelming. Hiking is the perfect activity to escape the real-world chaos and is, therefore, a no-brainer for me.

Helps Me Meet New People

Hiking is a social activity which most people enjoy. I often meet new groups of hikers every time I set out for hiking. Every time I visit a new place, I meet new people who share the same joy of hiking like me, thereby extending my hiking network.

Hiking Presents Breath-Taking Views

Exploring a feature-endowed area helps me enjoy some of the best views nature can offer. Imagine enjoying the view of a river stretch from the heights of a mountain! Hiking along plains may also open up to small lakes which provide fantastic views.

Hiking Is Refreshing

Nothing beats a breath of fresh air! While the air in suburbs and cities is massively polluted, hiking offers the opportunity to soak in the clean and fresh air, especially on mountain tops. This gives a refreshing feeling accompanied by a sense of contentment and is also good for the health of any hiker.


Hiking is an outdoor activity that is enjoyed by most people, especially those who like exploring. Apart from the interaction with Mother Nature, hiking is also a great activity for body exercise and escaping from the real world.

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